Nippon Unica Systems Co.,Ltd.

Entrust your needs to UNICA's Ultra-High-Speed System Development, Operational Support Service, and Interpretation/Translation Service .

Ultra-High-Speed System Development

We can build your desired system supplying it to you with a short delivery time, low cost and high quality by utilizing UNICA'S Ultra High-Speed System Development Tool “GeneXus”.
Our main services include: Production Controls, Sales Controls, Quotation Systems and Web Systems.
Packaged Plans:

  • Payroll packaged software
  • Production Control packaged software

Operational Support Service

We provide an Operations Consulting and Support Service, including operational efficiency improvement,  labor savings, and operational flow improvements and solutions.

We also provide alternate IT services locally as follows.
  • Network integration
  • Computer Setup
  • Computer domain setup

Interpretation/Translation Services

  • Translation: IR documents, Regulations, Research documents, operational and instruction manuals.
  • Interpretation: Local company visitations, Market research, Operation related to IT

  1. Thai
  2. Vietnamese
  3. English
  4. Japanese
  5. Other Asian languages available on request