Ultra-High-Speed System Development - "GeneXus"

Solve current problems of system development.

  • Required to correspond to the speed of IT envrionment.
  • Required to avoid risk of losing customers' reliance caused by system failure.

Automatically develop and run applications in the most efficient way.

  • Artech Consultores released "GeneXus" in 1989.
  • "GeneXus" has been adopted to 7,000 companies in 60 countries.

"GeneXus" is the Ultra-High-Speed System development tool that UNICA offers to build you a system that is high in quality, at a competitively low cost in a short delivery time.

  • Short delivery time

  • Low cost

  • High quality


  • Prevents from missing the information in real time by short delivery time.
  • Lowers costs of system development and maintenance.
  • Runs seamlessly on every browser.
  • Improves customer trust.