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Joint provision of "agile SDK™", which integrates Agile development services and products

"Agile SDK™", which integrates Agile development services and products, has been jointly provided with BlueMeme."

We are launching a new service to increase the value of your IT asset and renovate it to a competitive asset, but we are comprehensively solving the challenges faced by our business partner BlueMeme at startup of agile development. The "agile SDK™" service, which integrates the services and products to do so, is now available.

Please look forward to our renovation service business.


Comprehensively eliminates the challenges faced during agile development startups

BlueMeme Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Makoto Matsuoka, hereinafter BlueMeme), which sells and supports the introduction of the ultra-high-speed development platform "OutSystems", is a project to support companies that start agile development. We have systematized our products and services such as consulting, training, and outsourced development, and we are announcing that we have begun to provide them as an "agile SDK".

In December 2017, BlueMeme established OpenModels Co., Ltd. (hereinafter OpenModels), which provides enterprise agile development services, and based on "OutSystems Agile Delivery Model", Information Technology Development Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative) President and CEO: Ichiro Miyoshi, tdi) has provided the service. We have systematically integrated and integrated the services provided in the process and the accumulated know-how with tdi as a standard kit "agile SDK" for companies starting agile development.

In the future, we will cooperate with delivery partners other than OpenModels and tdi, which have strengths in their respective fields, to provide solutions that combine the services and products of the "agile SDK" according to the needs of the company.

Background of providing agile SDK and challenges for companies starting agile development

As the business environment changes, the need to develop systems and new functions in a short release cycle has increased, and Japanese companies are rapidly adopting agile development methods. Since 2012, BlueMeme has provided know-how and technology related to agile development while supporting the speedy development and in-house production of business systems for companies. Among them, the feedback received from the company that started the introduction of Agile development is mainly the following three issues.


1. Deterioration of development cost and speed due to DB silos
The data referenced by business applications is increasing in the ratio of binary data such as images and videos and unstructured data due to the sophistication of mobile devices, and intricately correlates with the expansion of services and systems. It's correct. It is difficult for RDB to deal with unstructured data, and development cost and speed will deteriorate under the situation where silos are created by increasing the number of RDBs, and the benefits of agile development cannot be fully obtained. It is also necessary to consider migrating to a flexible DB that can integrate diversified data.

2. Difficult project due to unclear development process
The number of companies that are adopting agile development is steadily increasing, and cases where agile development is being introduced to large-scale projects are also increasing.However, because the development process is not clarified, there are many cases where enormous omissions in the definition of development requirements occur. Can also be seen. For large-scale projects, it is essential to model and clarify the development process, especially while introducing agile development techniques.

3. Decision-making speed that becomes a bottleneck for large-scale projects
Even with the introduction of Agile development and standardization and maintenance of requirements and processes, large projects will inevitably increase the number of decisions, and slow individual decisions will lead to delays in the overall project. In order for a team of developers, who can make decisions autonomously and quickly, to operate, it is necessary to train and form an autonomous team as well as to train individual developers.

At BlueMeme, we offer a standard kit "agile SDK" that integrates the three models "Architecture model", "Agile V-shaped model", and "Team performance model" corresponding to the above three issues.

≪Reference model for starting agile development≫

1. Architecture model

We propose various architecture models that enable easy and quick migration from legacy systems and enable flexible use of diverse data. In the case of the architectural model provided by BlueMeme, a service that builds a business system that can utilize various data accumulated in-house by linking the enterprise NoSQL database used for the data integration platform and OutSystems used for the ultra-high-speed development platform We provide it to our customers. The main advantages of adopting an enterprise NoSQL database are as follows.

(1) Pre-designed tables are not required and data migration and integration development can be started quickly.
(2) Unstructured data can be input and integrated as it is without being normalized or converted.
(3) Secure enterprise level high availability and government level security.
(4) Realization of mobile/web application development using advanced search functions such as full-text search and facet search.

By properly selecting and adopting an architecture model equipped with the latest technology and various functions, a single developer can cover a wide range of areas such as databases, security, applications, and devices. It is possible to minimize the resources of the development team and improve the productivity of system development by making the developers multi-skilled.


2. Agile V-shaped model

We propose an "Agile V-shaped model" that systematizes the methodology and process of agile development advocated by BlueMeme. We will be able to apply agile development methods to large-scale projects, and will support modeling and clarification of development project processes.

(1) A total of 8 steps from the definition of business function requirements, which is the upstream process of software development, to the definition of software function, design, implementation and deployment, and the evaluation of each, are expressed in a V-shaped model.
(2) The "create, show, and modify" cycle, which is the core of agile development, is reproduced in a V-shaped model using three feedback loops connecting 8 steps. Supports detection by preventing omission of business function analysis, software design defects, software defects, etc.
(3) From the product group corresponding to 8 steps, we propose a product to meet the needs of the company.

≪The difference between waterfall and enterprise agile≫

3. Team performance model

In accordance with the "Team Performance Model" proposed by Drexler & Sibbet as a methodology for building high-performance teams, we provide team training services developed as content unique to BlueMeme and quantitative evaluation tools to provide autonomy and decision-making. We will support the development of an autonomous team with abilities.

(1) Team Performance Model: Systematize the steps that are indispensable for building a team into a total of 7 steps, from "team gathering" to "building trust" to "maturity" and "team reorganization". , Expressed in stages.
(2) Nine elements such as "speed of decision making" and "team maturity" that are important for team operation are defined, and training to grow into an autonomous team suitable for agile development is made by using these elements as benchmarks. Offer.
(3) Provided as an "Agile Assessment Service" that summarizes tools for quantitatively evaluating the team, visualizing it on a radar chart, and grasping the current situation and issues.

By providing the "agile SDK" that integrates these three models, we will solve the problems faced at the start of agile development using OutSystems, and support the continuous and smooth operation of agile development and penetration into the project team. I will come.


【Delivery partner that provides agile SDK in cooperation】

The agile SDK will provide services to customers in cooperation with delivery partners that have strengths in the fields corresponding to the above three models. The following 5 delivery partners work together.


About Information Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Company :Information Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Representative :President and CEO Ichiro Miyoshi
Location :6-8-1, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Sumitomo Fudosan Shinjuku Oak Tower
Founding :September 1968
Capital :1,351 million yen
URL https://www.tdi.co.jp/

An independent system integrator that “creates the future with information technology” centered on IoT, AI, and SI services. We provide services such as consulting, system development, maintenance, system operation, management, and data center operation for companies. By combining our technology and know-how cultivated over 50 years of experience with OutSystems, which has gained a high reputation worldwide as a software development platform, we will streamline and optimize systems for customer business transformation. We will support the improvement of corporate competitiveness.

About Intec Co., Ltd.

Company :Intec Co., Ltd.
Representative :Representative Director and President Takayuki Kitaoka
Location :5-5 Ushijima Shinmachi, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture
Founding :January 11, 1964
Capital :20,830 million yen
URL https://www.intec.co.jp/


We develop a wide range of businesses in the IT field, from the formulation of information strategies that match customers' management strategies to system planning, development, outsourcing, service provision, and operation maintenance. Especially in the data center business, we provide high-reliability services by connecting data centers in Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, and Toyama with high-speed lines. Intec will continue to take on the challenge of realizing a safe, secure, convenient, smart, and comfortable society based on the technological capabilities it has cultivated over the past 50 years.

About NTT DATA Shikoku Co., Ltd.

Company :NTT DATA Shikoku Co., Ltd.
Representative :Representative Director and President Hiroki Onodera
Location :NBF Matsuyama Boginmae Building 7F 4-9-6 Sanbancho, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture
Founding :January 21, 1991 (changed trade name: July 1, 2003)
Capital :100 million yen (100% owned by NTT Data)
URL https://www.nttdata-shikoku.co.jp/


As a member of the NTT DATA Group, NTT DATA Shikoku has accumulated professional work knowledge and system development technology for over 20 years, and has built a development system that realizes near shore, and has built a track record and trust in each business domain. I came. Utilizing that know-how, we provide IT nationwide solutions including system construction, consulting, education, and operation support to customers nationwide, including the Shikoku area. Through this kit, we will respond to customers' ever-changing requests faster and more flexibly, and provide systems and solutions that enhance the value of your IT investment.

About Altitude Co., Ltd.

Company :Altitude Co., Ltd.
Representative :Representative Director Yusuke Imaoka
Location :Headquarters: 12-32, Ark Mori Building, 12-12 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Founding :February 27, 2014
URL https://www.altitude.co.jp/


Consulting services related to technology innovation and creation/expansion/optimization of markets/new businesses centered on technology, corporate business strategy planning, other productivity improvements, and other information related to general corporate management, consulting services, and overseas Incubation of new businesses in (Silicon Valley, etc.), consulting services related to partnering, business services related to incubation of new businesses/operations/operations of platform/strengthen services.

About Nippon Yunika Systems Co., Ltd.

Company :Nippon Yunika Systems Co., Ltd.
Representative :Representative Director Komatsuzaki Fukuji
Location :1-1-1 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Founding :September 1981
Capital :90 million yen
URL https://www.unica.co.jp/


Since its founding in 1981, Japan Unica Systems Co., Ltd. has been taking on the challenge of aiming to contribute to Japanese society and the people of ASEAN through IT. In this rapidly changing era, in addition to the technical and service capabilities that we have cultivated over many years, we have the ability to create new business, always contribute to our customers' business, provide optimal service, We are working hard every day to become a company that is appreciated. We will continue to provide services that enhance the value of our customers' IT assets and renovate them into competitive IT assets. 

About BlueMeme Co., Ltd.

Company :株式会社BlueMeme
Representative :Representative Director Makoto Matsuoka
Location :2-3-12 Higashishinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Founding :June 2009 (Established: December 20, 2006)
Capital :368.5 million yen (including capital reserve)
URL http://www.bluememe.jp/


BlueMeme has been the first in Japan to introduce the out-of-the-box development system "OutSystems" and associated development to customers in 2012, and since then it has provided OutSystems sales, localization, training and product support in Japan, as well as OutSystems + Agile. We have also provided business system development and technical support specializing in development. "Agile SDK" (Service Delivery Kit), which has been reorganized and systematized the methodologies, technologies, and services related to agile development accumulated by BlueMeme into three models of "architecture", "process", and "team", We are providing it to Japanese companies starting agile development. This "agile SDK" has a lineup of many next-generation technologies. In addition to providing those technologies in a form suitable for the customer's IT environment, we will also provide services such as process preparation and team development that are compatible with agile development. By doing so, we will further support the construction of business systems capable of flexibly responding to rapid changes in the business environment and improvement of corporate competitiveness. 

agile SDK, BlueMeme and OpenModels are trademarks or registered trademarks of BlueMeme Inc. OutSystems is a trademark or registered trademark in Japan and other countries. The product names in the text are trademarks or registered trademarks of each company.