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Change of new coronavirus measures (June 15)

New coronavirus infectious disease (COVID-19) will be relaxed due to the declaration of cancellation of "Tokyo Alert"
We have moved from "Step 2" to "Step 3", but we will continue to prevent infection as follows.
We will respond. We apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers and affiliates, but we appreciate your understanding.
Please ...
・The first priority is to ensure safety by avoiding the three tightness (closed, dense, close) and wearing a mask.
・When visiting customers, thoroughly implement infection prevention measures to prevent inconvenience.
・Work from home as much as possible. Resident employees will continue to follow the customer's policy.
・We do not hold meetings and meetings with food and drink as much as possible.
・In-house meetings, meetings, etc. will be video conferences as much as possible.
・When traveling, make sure to secure safety firs

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CEO Komatsuzaki Fukuji